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No matter what size of project you want to undertake to improve your home I can take on the responsibility for all aspects of the planning and implementation of the works.

Initially through close liaison and communication with you, and if you already have one, your architect/designer, a thorough understanding of your requirements, expectations and budget can be established and a project brief agreed.

With this information it is then possible to produce an outline cost plan to ensure the expected expenditure is within the budget you have allocated for the project.

At this stage the detailed planning can be developed ensuring plans are drawn, the scope of works finalised, all necessary costs are included and a realistic schedule is created.

Once you have reviewed and agreed the scheme, information can be issued to prospective contractors for them to provide quotations for the work allowing accurate costs to be established and checked against the allocated budget.

At the same time Planning Permission and/or Building Regulations approvals can be sought.

A detailed project plan showing all the individual tasks, who will complete them and on what time line can then be drawn up so all involved understand how any delays in their tasks impact upon the projects progress.

Throughout the course of the works I would be monitoring progress, checking on-site safety, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the project, and following consultation with you, arranging for any changes to be implemented.

Daily contact with the contractors and feedback to you would be provided throughout the project, to ensure, in the event of any delays or over run on costs, you have full visibility.

Following completion of snagging the project would be handed over to you as complete and I would be available to negotiate agreement of the contractors final account and then close down the project.

For peace of mind I carry full insurance for public liability and professional indemnity, the certificates can be inspected upon request.

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